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Michelangelo di Battista: Gwen Stefani.. Stunning portrait

I came across this incredible shot today by fashion/portrait photographer Michelangelo di Battista, this is from his shoot of famed singer Gwen Stefani. This shot is so incredible in every aspect, the sense of drama and atmosphere is intense creating great impact. This is without even mentioning, the stunning composition and lighting of this photograph.

The bokeh to the right of the image is smooth and beautiful allowing the sharpness of the left side of the image to stand out just that bit more.

stunning fashion photography gwen stefani michelangel di battista

Philipp Klinger: One of Flickr’s Favourite photographers

Philipp Klinger is one of the most viewed photographers on Flickr, I thought the time had come to add one of his most viewed photographs to the blog. This photo ‘New York- Brooklyn bridge sunset’ has gained a quite incredible 260,000 views and has amassed over 1000 comments, it is clear to see why as it is a staggering capture. This photo really highlights the brilliance of good ole’ New York city!

Brooklyn bridge sunset phillip klinger flickr

Hinius: Unreal Photography

On Flickr today I stumbled across two photographs that can only be defined as artistic masterpieces, enjoy this surreal beauty! if you hadn’t guessed it these are created through glass reflections. I have seen a lot of photography before now that has been created by using reflections, but nothing quite as creative as this appears to be!

Art photography= Meaningless junk, check  out Hinius’s work before you come to that conclusion. To see more of Hinius’s work simply click on the below photographs.



LJ.- A Staggering Portrayal of Life on the streets

I stumbled across this incredible portrait of a Homeless man on Flickr, this really is a powerful and memorable photograph. I have found in recent times, that sometimes ‘photographing the homeless’ has become a fashionable thing to do! I personally find this a bit insulting, as it appears some people are taking photographs of the homeless purely because it’s an easy and cheap way to make ‘ART’ as they see it.

This image is refreshing, as it is authentic and genuine. His piercing eyes are filled with soul and emotion, the connection with camera and subject is incredibly strong. The fact he is using ‘cardboard’ instead of paper for joints that he smokes reveals the hardship the man is suffering on a daily basis. Truly moving!

Homeless man streets smoking emotion moving sadness powerful

Cuba Gallery: Photography from London Visit

My Flickr favourite ‘Cuba Gallery’ has now been featured three times on the blog, his photography is so good I like to feature it at every opportunity I get. Here are some photographs of his that are ‘Closer to home’ (Closer to my home anyway, as I live an hour away) of the beautiful city that is London. Enjoy his unique perspective…

Heaven hell London Underground Subway Candid poster photography

London queen victoria blue sky cloud statue photography

unique beautiful London taxi people history colour photography

Freedom II: Powerful Japanese Street Photography

Another taste of Flickr brilliance today from a photographer who goes by the name of Freedom II. As a tribute to all the people in Japan who have suffered great loss and are now working to rebuild their magnificent country after the recent Tsunami, I thought I would include some Amazing Street Photography from Japan.

These photographs are great captures and show the beauty of urban Japanese streets, to see more of Freedom II’s work, simply click on the photos below.

Great powerful Japan Street Photography

Great Japan Street Photography

Great Japan lines reflection Street Photography

Great Japan street photography portrait candid people

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