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Tomasito: Versatile Photography Genius

Another great find on Flickr today for you, Tomasito is a Surgeon by profession but you would not be foolish for thinking he was a photographer by profession aswell.

Some real jaw dropping photography for you here, be sure to check him out on his Flickr page. The first thing that struck me about his work is the amount of passion and enthusiasm in his imagery, he really knows how to capture the mood of a scene creating equal beauty at the same time. Moving stuff!

The World’s Most Beautiful Skyline Hong kong photography

Moving African doctor saving life photography

Close sensual loving beauty girl romantic photograph

African pregnant poverty woman beauty field photography

Path with troubled skies rain Photography

Adam Rowney: Beautiful Portrait Photography with a Twist

It seems today has become about me featuring hugely popular Flickr photographers, Adam Rowney’s photography on Flickr has attracted allot of attention. He creates beautiful portraits, but they are not just your normal simple portraits that you have seen a million times before. They all have that little extra piece of uniqueness.

Each image has been constructed with great thought and enthusiasm, which adds to the brilliance of his work. Click on any of the photo’s below to see more of Adam’s work.

Suicide beauty portrait gun white pose model photography

unique portrait beauty unusual model girl deep pose photography

unusual lighting pretty girl model effect special photography portrait

Anastasia Romanov- unique pretty girl portrait photograph natural expressive