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Dr Cullen: A Creative Photographer

I have recently seen a lot of work on Flickr by a highly talented photographer who goes by the name of Dr Cullen, his work is highly inspiring as he appears to make incredible images from ‘simple’ subjects.

As we all know, it is quite a talent to spot beauty in everyday life but it takes something slightly more to create beauty from very little. As you may agree, Cullen manages to create striking photography from simple everyday subjects. I really am fascinated with the simplicity of his work and am now considering the various objects around my house as potential artistic masterpieces! Well I wouldn’t go that far…

To see more of Dr Cullen’s work simply click on any of the below images.

NiksplashFenced afternoonGood Morning - Coffee serie IPolarized lensesiPlank, a hundred applications.

Will Nikon’s New Mirrorless System change the game? The Nikon 1 revealed

Nikon mirrorless 1 v1 camera photo

Nikon’s product announcements this year have been a slight letdown for me, as a DSLR fan I was excited to see if Nikon would be bringing anything fresh and new to the table in this area. It would seem not!

The interesting announcement though is Nikon’s new mirrorless system, they are the first of the big two to enter the game. The big mirrorless rivals… Sony, Panasonic and Olympus have been creating huge waves in the market with their mirrorless camera offerings. Nikon clearly have felt compelled to offer their own take on the mirrorless camera design, this is a smaller camera with a smaller sensor than the competition. Canon are yet to reveal a mirrorless camera, this could potentially prove costly to Canon’s market share.. time will tell.

The Nikon idea seems to be to make a ‘pocketable’ mirrorless camera, whether it’s performance will impress and the question of whether or not the device will be as successful as the competition is still under great question. This release from Nikon is creating alot of heated debate all over the internet at the moment. Also, I couldn’t help but notice how expensive this camera will be, if it was the price of an enthusiast compact camera, it would definitely have been on my shopping list. But for the time being, I am taking a step back and considering my options..

Check out the specs over at Nikon rumours.

Hinius: Unreal Photography

On Flickr today I stumbled across two photographs that can only be defined as artistic masterpieces, enjoy this surreal beauty! if you hadn’t guessed it these are created through glass reflections. I have seen a lot of photography before now that has been created by using reflections, but nothing quite as creative as this appears to be!

Art photography= Meaningless junk, check  out Hinius’s work before you come to that conclusion. To see more of Hinius’s work simply click on the below photographs.



Adam Rowney: Beautiful Portrait Photography with a Twist

It seems today has become about me featuring hugely popular Flickr photographers, Adam Rowney’s photography on Flickr has attracted allot of attention. He creates beautiful portraits, but they are not just your normal simple portraits that you have seen a million times before. They all have that little extra piece of uniqueness.

Each image has been constructed with great thought and enthusiasm, which adds to the brilliance of his work. Click on any of the photo’s below to see more of Adam’s work.

Suicide beauty portrait gun white pose model photography

unique portrait beauty unusual model girl deep pose photography

unusual lighting pretty girl model effect special photography portrait

Anastasia Romanov- unique pretty girl portrait photograph natural expressive

Famous Photographer Series: Philip-Lorca di Corcia (Heads)

Philip-Lorca di Corcia is a highly successful American Fine Arts Photographer, his work has become iconic and he has featured in many top art galleries worldwide. There is so much of his photography that I could feature, but today I have decided to focus purely on his series of images, ‘Heads’.

lorca, heads, Photography, di Corcia, Art, candid, lighting, dramatic, impactful, portrait, brilliant, good, movie

di Corcia has always been a master at creating unique and original ideas, he aims to take photography to new levels, pushing the boundaries of how photography is produced. ‘Heads’ is a great example of di Corcia’s uniqueness and originality, the series was created in Times Square, New York. di Corcia attached a strobe light to scaffolding on a subway, he then set up a hidden camera to secretly capture the people who became highlighted by the strobe lighting. The results are truly stunning.

Photography, di Corcia, Art, Lorca di corcia, heads, candid, lighting, dramatic, impactful, portrait, brilliant, good, movie

The lighting is highly effective, giving the images his trademark cinematic feel. The portraits appear as if they are stills from a movie, which is even more impressive when you consider these portraits are not staged in any form. It is striking the way the lighting appears to isolate the subject, leaving the rest of the image dark and sparse giving a sense of the ‘unknown’ to the photos.

Photography, di Corcia, Art, lorca di corcia, heads, famous, candid, lighting, dramatic, impactful, portrait, brilliant, good, movie

diCorcia redefined street photography with these images, capturing candid photos where the people featured all appear to have stories to tell, but the stories are not revealed clearly to the viewer. These photos blur the lines between the definition of ‘staged’ and ‘candid’, the facial expressions of the people featured add intrigue and interest, making the viewer wonder what the subjects may be thinking or feeling. These are clearly everyday people going about their daily lives, diCorcia has aimed to capture people going about their everyday lives in a unique format. True art!

Photography, heads, lorca di Corcia, Art, candid, lighting, dramatic, impactful, portrait, brilliant, good, movie

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