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Liisa Harmson: More Angelic Self Portraits

I’m pleased to add more of Liisa Harmson’s work to the blog, my first post with some of her work attracted alot of attention and rightly so. The vital ingredient that makes her self portraits so successful is the fact they are beautiful, deep, meaningful and connect with the viewer. Liisa is putting her passion and soul into these images and its clear to see!

So many self portraits can seem egotistical (you know the type – pouty lips, obviously posed, false etc), Liisa takes the ego out of her work and expresses herself.


Liisa Harmson: Angelic Portrait Photography

I stumbled across a young female photographer named Liisa Harmson on Flickr today, I found her work truly ‘jaw dropping’. Liisa Harmson clearly knows how to create a good self portrait, she creates dreamlike imagery which appears to hold a deeper meaning. The photos seen here do not even appear to be staged, very impressive!


To see more of Liisa’s work visit