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UK Anti Spending Cut Protest Photography

As many of you have probably heard already, in London there have been anti government spending cut protest’s/riots. London turned into pandemonium yesterday as protestors turned out in their thousands to fight the government spending cuts that have been recently announced in the budget. Whether you back or don’t back the protests, it is interesting to see people finding their voice again in such troubled economic times.

I understand how the press and media are only keen to focus on the thugs who decided to throw objects and deface property, but I don’t think anyone should be sidetracked by the media on this one. If you notice in every attached photo (impressive captures though they may be), the media has only decided to include photos of criminal acts being committed.

photography, anti cut riots, protest, anti government, anger, fury, defiance, powerful, fight, candid

The media will always create material that sells newspapers, to sell newspapers the media will deliberately add fuel to the fire and create as much drama as they can. I have already noticed in every article I’ve seen today, that the writer fails to mention that the vast majority of protestors were actually peaceful protestors and not hooligans out for a fight.

photography, anti cut riots, protest, anti government, anger, defiance, powerful, fight, candid

My reason for feeling so strongly about this is because the protests are of great significance to each and every one of us REPEAT- Do not get distracted from this crucial point. We may not know it yet, but such extreme cuts will affect us all in the future. Seeing as we are one of the highest taxed nations in the world already, it seems slightly bizarre that we are being told we will lose all of our public services and spend the rest of our lives paying back the country’s debt in the form of taxation. Specially as this ‘Debt’ is not our personal debt!

True Courage: Egyptian Riot Photos

I stumbled across a couple of brilliant captures from the Egyptian Riots today, the photographer is David Degner who has had photos published for many high calibre publications including Time magazine and the Wall Street Journal. Both captures show the true courage of the Egyptian protesters, who grew tired of living under the suppression of the vicious dictator President Mubarak. They took to the streets and regained their freedom in courageous style. These photos highlight the true courage of the protestors in tthe face of adversity.