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A few of my recent Portrait Photography Shots

I thought I would share with you today some recent portrait shots of mine, I’m still learning the hard way and enjoying the learning process. All of my shoots have solely consisted of natural light up to now, but I have recently acquired a flash (Nikon SB700) though so I am looking forward to taking control of my lighting!

Let me know what you think, all comments are welcome…

Adam Rowney: Beautiful Portrait Photography with a Twist

It seems today has become about me featuring hugely popular Flickr photographers, Adam Rowney’s photography on Flickr has attracted allot of attention. He creates beautiful portraits, but they are not just your normal simple portraits that you have seen a million times before. They all have that little extra piece of uniqueness.

Each image has been constructed with great thought and enthusiasm, which adds to the brilliance of his work. Click on any of the photo’s below to see more of Adam’s work.

Suicide beauty portrait gun white pose model photography

unique portrait beauty unusual model girl deep pose photography

unusual lighting pretty girl model effect special photography portrait

Anastasia Romanov- unique pretty girl portrait photograph natural expressive

Jackfre2: Do I have your full attention? Stunning Portrait Beauty

Another slice of Flickr photography brilliance for you today, this time from jackfre a Belgian photographer. The thing that makes this capture more remarkable, is when you discover that this pose was not planned in any way. The model was a member of the public in a cafe, asked to pose on the spur of the moment.

The photograph has received nearly 1000 comments on Flickr and it’s not hard to see why it is making such an impact! A true masterpiece of portrait photography, Beautiful!

To read the story behind this photograph click on the image..

Stunning beauty pretty girl model portrait photo

New from David Olkarny: The Photo I Had to Add

More from Belgian photographer David Olkarny today, I noticed this beautiful addition to his Flickr photo stream. A stunning fashion/glamour/portrait photograph all in one. Definitely my photo of the day!

Beautiful girl woods fashion portrait snow

Movie Star/Model Keira Knightley turns 26: Happy Birthday

Yesterday I was stunned to hear that superstar actress and model Keira Knightley was turning 26, it seems like she has been on our TV screens forever now, but she’s still…. just 26! Keira has deservedly become a movie queen, proving consistently she can back up her looks with acting talent.  She has also turned her hand to modelling on numerous occasions, more recently collaborating with legendary fashion photographer Mario Testino. Her advertising work for Chanel is now becoming iconic.

Despite all this, Keira dosen’t seem to have let the huge success of her career get the better of her just yet. While some superstars let fame go to their heads, Keira is still keeping a level head.

It will be fascinating to see where Keira’s career will take her next, what has she left to conquer? Enjoy some of Keira’s best fashion photography poses.

Chanel, Keira Knightley,Beauty, Moviestar, hot, pretty, advert, fashion

keira knightley, hot, portrait, fashion, broad, pose, beauty, pretty, photography

keira knightley, pose, fashion, beauty, atmosphere, portrait, photography, hot

Keira Knightley, Mario Testino, Fashion, Pose, Colour, Hot, beauty, photography, dramatic, portrait

Liisa Harmson: On creating Emotional Portraits (Interview)

This is my third (Yes! Third) post regarding Portrait Photographer Liisa Harmson, this time round it’s for a interview with the lady herself. Anyone wanting to know how to create beautiful natural light portraits/self portraits should take note as this is something Liisa has mastered on a consistent basis. Liisa uses photography to express emotions, which in my opinion is the main factor  that creates a powerful portrait in the first place… Read on and be inspired!

portrait, beautiful girl, photography, fashion, pretty

How did you get into photography?

I have always been a creative person – I sing, draw and write , so it’s no wonder that photography enchanted me. I got my first camera, when I was about 12-13 years old and since then my love for photography has only grown.

What inspires you to create the work you do?

There’s so much beauty in the world and capturing it is the most wonderful feeling. And not just capturing it, but giving it a feeling, your own viewpoint is enjoyable. People view reality differently  and photography is a great way to emphasise that.

BW, portrait, beautiful girl, photography, pretty

What is the most satisfying part of the photographic process for you?

The thing I love the most about photography is finding out people’s best features and unleashing their true potential in photographs. And when someone comes to me after the photoshoot and tells me that they didn’t have any idea that they could look that good in a photo, then it makes me feel so warm inside.

What do you aim to capture in your images, are there specific messages in your photography?

I want to capture emotions, the essence of a person. I hate empty pictures! Photography is a way to express myself. It’s really hard to explain… My camera is like my body part or something. So whatever I feel, I put this into my work.

portrait, beautiful girl, photography, fashion, pretty

Do you use any specific techniques in your work? (i.e. HDR, Long exposures)

I don’t use any specific tehniques like HDR (it seems so fake to me). I don’t edit my photos very much either. I love the beauty of naturalness & simplicity. All that I do is play around with exposure and BW. Though I must admit that Photoshop is lots of fun!

What are your future ambitions for your photography? Where do you want to go with your work?

Oh, I’ve got tons of plans! I want to travel to Third World and write a book based on what life is like there  and add photography to illustrate that. Then I’d like to work for a modeling agency or  magazine. Above all, I just want to live my dream. I feel like this is my destination in life and there’s absolutely nothing in the world that could distract me from pursuing my dream. I want to do what I love the most, I will be taking pictures of other people for the rest of my life.

portrait, beautiful girl, photography, fashion, pretty

Thank you Liisa for the interview, to see more of Liisa’s work visit

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Liisa Harmson:Angelic Portrait Photography

Liisa Harmson: More Angelic Self Portraits

Liisa Harmson: More Angelic Self Portraits

I’m pleased to add more of Liisa Harmson’s work to the blog, my first post with some of her work attracted alot of attention and rightly so. The vital ingredient that makes her self portraits so successful is the fact they are beautiful, deep, meaningful and connect with the viewer. Liisa is putting her passion and soul into these images and its clear to see!

So many self portraits can seem egotistical (you know the type – pouty lips, obviously posed, false etc), Liisa takes the ego out of her work and expresses herself.


Christian Yves: Portrait Beauty

Yet another of my Flickr bookmarks, Christian Yves Ocampo is a highly versatile photographer from Canada. His speciality is Fashion/Portraiture but he also has the ability to turn his hand to many other various types of photography as witnessed on his Flickr page.

I am including here two of my favourite photographs of his, enjoy these beautiful captures from one of his photoshoots featuring model Chantal.



Liisa Harmson: Angelic Portrait Photography

I stumbled across a young female photographer named Liisa Harmson on Flickr today, I found her work truly ‘jaw dropping’. Liisa Harmson clearly knows how to create a good self portrait, she creates dreamlike imagery which appears to hold a deeper meaning. The photos seen here do not even appear to be staged, very impressive!


To see more of Liisa’s work visit