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Philipp Klinger: One of Flickr’s Favourite photographers

Philipp Klinger is one of the most viewed photographers on Flickr, I thought the time had come to add one of his most viewed photographs to the blog. This photo ‘New York- Brooklyn bridge sunset’ has gained a quite incredible 260,000 views and has amassed over 1000 comments, it is clear to see why as it is a staggering capture. This photo really highlights the brilliance of good ole’ New York city!

Brooklyn bridge sunset phillip klinger flickr

SimplyAbbey: The Walking Wounded (New York Street Photography)

My ‘Flickr find of the day’ is this slice of New York Street photography, it really is an incredible capture! The lighting and composition are spot on, the person walking down the street who appears to be  a lonely figure, adds a real sense of story and mystery to the photograph. It has a real movie feel to it, true art! To see the photographers explanation behind this epic photograph simply click on the image…

night lonely dark art portrait New york street photography

Plus another stunning New York City photograph from Simply Abbey as a bonus…

New york city street photography night lights

Andrew Mace: New York Pt 2

More New York Cityscape photography from Andrew Mace! Notice how the colours and composition are always spot on?

midtown manhattan from hamilton park

Midtown Manhattan Morning, New York City

Kips Bay cross streets at night, New York City

Mario Testino: Legend of the Fashion Photo (Gangs of New York)

This man needs no introduction, samples from legendary fashion photographer Mario Testino’s series ‘Gangs of New York’. Need I say more!

Andrew Mace: Brooklyn Bridge (I Love New York)

I’m a keen follower of Andrew Mace on Flickr, his speciality is New York Cityscapes taken during the day and at night. These are a couple of his Brooklyn Bridge captures, he really does make some epic photos!

His work also reminds me of why I liked New York City so much in the first place when I visited, it also reminds me of why I want to go back to New York sometime soon. To see more of Andrew’s work simply click the photos.

Brooklyn Bridge at Night, New York City

Brooklyn Bridge, New York City