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My Best Bee Macro Shots – Tamron 90mm 2.8

Recently I invested in a Tamron 90mm 2.8 lens, it is simply one of the best lenses I have ever got my hands on! Incredible sharpness, colour, contrast and also amazing macro capabilities. The only area I find rather average is the build quality levels, but for the cheap price their has to be a slight flaw. Guess I will need to careful not to drop it too many times, but I will avoid doing this if possible! I value this lens too much to drop it.

From the things I’ve heard this lens will make a great portrait aswell, as a 135mm equivalent on my D90 it makes it perfect for head shots. Where the 2.8 aperture will do a great job of making the background vanish at the same time.

Macro recently became an area that I wanted to master, it really has been a great fun adventure. While challenging at the same time.

Bees are one of my favourite insects and I shot these last weekend as the sun was just breaking through the trees in late afternoon, was fairly pleased to get this close to these creatures.

All comments are welcome-

Bee in flight macro tamron 90

Bee flower macro colour beauty photograph

My Canon S90 Love: Discovering Macro…

I recently received my new Canon S90 to replace my old Lumix FS15 compact, I’m very pleased to say that I am highly impressed with this new camera. It really is GREAT! As mentioned previously, as good as the Lumix was I became frustrated with the lack of manual control and its dreadful Low light performance.

The Canon on paper seemed to answer my prayers, I have not been dissapointed. This really is one amazing little camera, it has also introduced me the world of Macro (Check out the samples below, it has quite a close focusing distance). I bought the older model as I didn’t feel the S95 had a lot extra to offer for the extra price premium. Looking for a new compact that has adequate low light performance, manual control and is a Canon G12 packed into a pocket friendly body? My advice is to buy one of these today! (I know it sounds like I’m working for Canon)

Hope you like my attempts at Macro/Close up photography..

leaves canon s90 macro beauty colour

Canon S90 Macro Bee colour

Canon S90 Macro Pink Flower rain drop

One of MY ‘Better’ Photographs…

I have rarely have included my own photography on the blog up to now (thats a good thing some of you might say! ha)… but I thought I would include an image I am kinda proud of. Hope you like it..

This was actually taken during mid afternoon when the light was not as it’s best! But the shadows seemed to work well.

Shadow Field nature sunshine shadows colour tones photography