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Mario Testino: Emma Watson for Vogue Magazine

As you may of noticed, Mario Testino is a photographer who has been heavily featured on the blog before. This is for two reasons really.. 1- Testino is one of the best fashion photographers in the world today 2- he is a huge inspiration to me.

Testino has recently carried out a photoshoot with movie star actress Emma Watson for Vogue Magazine. The shoot highlights his unique abilities as a photographer once more, he always has a knack of creating atmosphere in his photos whilst creating pure beauty at the same time. Enjoy this fantastic set.

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watson vogue testino fashion photography shoot

watson movie testino beauty fashion photo shoot

watson pose testino fashion photo shoot

Mario Testino: Vogue: Unusual but Amazing ‘Wedding Belles’ Photoshoot

The time has come to feature more of legendary fashion photographer Mario Testino’s work, you can always rely on Testino to create imaginative ¬†and artistic photography. His latest shoot ‘Wedding Belles’ is some of his most creative work yet, after looking at these photos I was left unsure of the message Testino is conveying. But with the Royal Wedding looming of Prince William and Kate Middleton, I assume this photo shoot has some connection to the big day on Friday. The meaning being…. ‘The public is watching’? Perhaps?

Whatever the intended meaning, this brilliant set of thought-provoking images are highly memorable. The use of professional models posing with members of the public in uniform is effective, I find myself looking at the photo’s wondering how Testino achieved such perfection. Enjoy..

Unusual mario testino fashion photograph model firefighters wedding

air hostess bride model fashion photograph mario testino

old young bride wedding fashion model photography mario testino

army young bride wedding fashion photograph mario testino

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Mario Testino: Legend of the Fashion Photo (Gangs of New York)

This man needs no introduction, samples from legendary fashion photographer Mario Testino’s series ‘Gangs of New York’. Need I say more!