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Mariano Vivanco: The ‘Control’ Photoshoot

Another feature on famed fashion photographer Mariano Vivanco today, this is actually a photo shoot from early 2010 that I discovered today.

The shoot was featured in Wonderland magazine, it caught my attention due to the genuine sense of ‘control’ that you feel when looking at these images. It is unclear though whether the subjects/models in the photographs are the controllers or the controlled which adds a little mystery to these beautiful captures. Vivanco always manages to amaze me with his consistently great work!

Mariano Vivanco control photoshoot model building

Beautiful controlled model black white Mariano Vivanco photoshoot

underground beautiful model photoshoot mariano vivanco control

Defeat pose model shady underground mariano vivanco

Emma Watson is Daring: Mariano Vivanco’s Dramatic Photoshoot

I came across this daring photo shoot by famed Fashion Photographer Mariano Vivanco of Harry Potter star actress Emma Watson, the first aspect I noticed was how dramatically Emma Watson has recreated her image over the last year pretty much leaving behind her ‘Hermione Grainger’ persona. These portraits are not your typical posed actress shots, this is real fashion photography.

The clothes, powerful lighting, setting and pose all add to create a dramatically different portrayal of one of the worlds most famous young actresses. Vivanco is clearly an inventive photographer and has used his creativity to make a genuinely brilliant photo shoot. I look forward to including more of his work on the blog in the future.

Beautiful stunning Emma Watson Vivanco Fashion photo

Beautiful emma watson fashion shot unique photo

Beautiful Emma Watson fashion photography mariano vivanco

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