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Anya: Unique Self Portraits

Yet more… self portraits for you today, this time from Anya who is a young photographer from Sarajevo. The first thing that struck me about Anya’s work was how she uses processing to create unique and artistic imagery, her photographs are not just photographs they are like drawings/paintings that she has perfected.

The orignal photos would be strong by themselves but Anya adds to them with great processing skill. I can imagine seeing her photo’s being used as advertising. Enjoy!

portrait, beautiful girl, photography, fashion, pretty, Bw

portrait, beautiful girl, photography, fashion, pretty, Bw

portrait, beautiful girl, photography, colour, pretty,

To see more of Anya’s (Stellar) work visit

Daniela Majic: Magical Fashion Portraits

Daniela Majic is an up and coming fashion photographer from Canada, similar to some the Alice in Wonderland Series I posted earlier this month her photography has a sense of other worldliness about it. The majority of her work is created using purely natural light (again no fancy studio set ups), the results speak for themselves. Her photos are very natural, pure and beautiful.

To see more of Danielas work visit

I feel were Bonding. (via belleelle)

Check this post about Fashion Photographer Corrie Bond by belleelle, this shows that incredible fashion photographs can be created OUTSIDE of the studio without fancy lighting setups. Corrie Bond really knows how to make the best of her surroundings to add to the imagery!

Click below to see more of belleelle’s post about Corrie Bond.

I feel were Bonding. I stumbled across this delight when research my spring moodboard. Corrie Bond is a UK based photographer who has worked for the likes of Marie Claire, InStyle and the New York Times amongst others. Her photography perfectly encapsulated that lazy hazy afternoon vibe i was searching for, infact it was so good i decided it needed an entire post all to itself! It was difficult to choose just one shoot but this ‘Purple Reign’ editorial she did for Ma … Read More

via belleelle

Brandon Warren: Alice in Wonderland

The time has come for a bit of fantasy, check out US based photographer Brandon Warren’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ series. I can’t say I was a big fan of Alice in Wonderland when I was a kid (I was too much of a typical boy!), but photography as good as this may force me to pick up the book at a later stage. Both these images have a feel of otherworldliness about them, they are well constructed photographs.

Alice in Wonderland: White Rabbit - Long Live the Queen

Alice in Wonderland: White Rabbit - I Never Ever Ever Do a Thing About the Weather

Click on either photograph to see more of Brandon’s work on Flickr.