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Steve McCurry: Portraits from around the world

Steve McCurry is a famed photojournalist who has travelled the world taking portraits that will go down in photographic history, his portraits have a special look and identity to them. McCurry documents the lives of his subjects, giving the viewer an insight into the lives of the people he photographs.

I first discovered McCurry when I stumbled across his most famous photograph, which is titled ‘Afghan girl’ (shown below).  I was immediately taken aback by this stunning image and I was also intrigued to see more his work, as I began to look through his portraits I realised just how talented this photographer is. Alot of the people featured are clearly facing many trials and tribulations within the environment they live, McCurry allows them to share their story with the world!

Steve McCurry Afghan girl portrait photography

Mccurry photograph portrait mother holding child bombay india

Portrait of worker mccurry photography

Steve Mccurry photography Tibet Monk

Steve Mccurry war middle east photography

Michelangelo di Battista: Gwen Stefani.. Stunning portrait

I came across this incredible shot today by fashion/portrait photographer Michelangelo di Battista, this is from his shoot of famed singer Gwen Stefani. This shot is so incredible in every aspect, the sense of drama and atmosphere is intense creating great impact. This is without even mentioning, the stunning composition and lighting of this photograph.

The bokeh to the right of the image is smooth and beautiful allowing the sharpness of the left side of the image to stand out just that bit more.

stunning fashion photography gwen stefani michelangel di battista

LJ.- A Staggering Portrayal of Life on the streets

I stumbled across this incredible portrait of a Homeless man on Flickr, this really is a powerful and memorable photograph. I have found in recent times, that sometimes ‘photographing the homeless’ has become a fashionable thing to do! I personally find this a bit insulting, as it appears some people are taking photographs of the homeless purely because it’s an easy and cheap way to make ‘ART’ as they see it.

This image is refreshing, as it is authentic and genuine. His piercing eyes are filled with soul and emotion, the connection with camera and subject is incredibly strong. The fact he is using ‘cardboard’ instead of paper for joints that he smokes reveals the hardship the man is suffering on a daily basis. Truly moving!

Homeless man streets smoking emotion moving sadness powerful

Ilko Allexandroff: Japanese Portrait Perfection

Introducing to you the great Flickr photography talent that is Ilko Allexandroff, he is a Bulgarian photographer currently based in Japan. His work is very creative and unique and I immediately noticed how his work stands out from the crowd. As you can see , his work is vibrant, has deep and rich colour and the lighting is perfected. Really impressive professional looking photographs are the result!

Especially the featured escalator photograph… Incredible reflections and symmetry! If only that photograph was one of mine…

To see more Ilko’s outstanding work simply click on any of the below images.

Me, Myself and I stunning powerful portrait girl escalator japan photograph

japan model pose beautiful portrait photography

japan street model beautiful pose perspective colour photography

Dreaming of Something Nice pretty model girl photograph stunning colour

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Tomasito: Versatile Photography Genius

Another great find on Flickr today for you, Tomasito is a Surgeon by profession but you would not be foolish for thinking he was a photographer by profession aswell.

Some real jaw dropping photography for you here, be sure to check him out on his Flickr page. The first thing that struck me about his work is the amount of passion and enthusiasm in his imagery, he really knows how to capture the mood of a scene creating equal beauty at the same time. Moving stuff!

The World’s Most Beautiful Skyline Hong kong photography

Moving African doctor saving life photography

Close sensual loving beauty girl romantic photograph

African pregnant poverty woman beauty field photography

Path with troubled skies rain Photography

Adam Rowney: Beautiful Portrait Photography with a Twist

It seems today has become about me featuring hugely popular Flickr photographers, Adam Rowney’s photography on Flickr has attracted allot of attention. He creates beautiful portraits, but they are not just your normal simple portraits that you have seen a million times before. They all have that little extra piece of uniqueness.

Each image has been constructed with great thought and enthusiasm, which adds to the brilliance of his work. Click on any of the photo’s below to see more of Adam’s work.

Suicide beauty portrait gun white pose model photography

unique portrait beauty unusual model girl deep pose photography

unusual lighting pretty girl model effect special photography portrait

Anastasia Romanov- unique pretty girl portrait photograph natural expressive

SimplyAbbey: The Walking Wounded (New York Street Photography)

My ‘Flickr find of the day’ is this slice of New York Street photography, it really is an incredible capture! The lighting and composition are spot on, the person walking down the street who appears to be  a lonely figure, adds a real sense of story and mystery to the photograph. It has a real movie feel to it, true art! To see the photographers explanation behind this epic photograph simply click on the image…

night lonely dark art portrait New york street photography

Plus another stunning New York City photograph from Simply Abbey as a bonus…

New york city street photography night lights

Tim Walker: A Fashion Photography Haze of Beauty

Tim Walker has to be one of the best Fashion photographers around today, Walker was an assistant to Richard Avedon and has worked for top magazines such as Vogue on a regular basis. I was first introduced to his work in the V&A museum in London (and hooked I was!!). My first reaction when I got home was to Google ‘Tim Walker’, and explore more of his work.

It’s not hard to see why he has had such a formidable career, when you see his images. Dreamy, beautiful, hazy and unique are all words that can be used to describe Walker’s work.

He has carved a niche for himself by dragging you the viewer into a fantasy world with every image he creates, great thought and planning goes into every photograph. I thought I would share with you today some of Tim’s best haze filled fashion photograph beauty… Enjoy…

Beautiful girl boat sunset fashion photography Tim walker

Beauty balloons sea fashion photography tim walker

Beauty model natural fashion photography tim walker

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B.Image: Effortless Street Portrait Photography

I have been following B.Image’s work on Flickr for a while now, he specialises in posed and candid Street Portrait Photography in Singapore. To execute such photography takes courage, as it involves walking up to complete strangers and asking them to pose for photograph’s often risking rejection and worse! Taking candid street shots also takes courage, as you risk upsetting the person you are sneakily photographing as they walk down the street if they spot you.

It also takes skill to achieve strong images with such a limited time frame, you can’t exactly ask the member of the public you have picked out to stand around for hours while you get that Perfect shot! This is clearly a skill that B.Image possesses in leaps and bounds when carrying out his impromptu photo  shoots.

His posed  street portraits are deep, expressive, meaningful and his candid shots are equally as effective. His confidence shines through in his work, as his subjects look relaxed and composed. This is quite an achievement when your subjects are not professional models. I hope you enjoy his work as much as I have.. To see more of B.Images work simply click on the images below..

Drizzling Beauty Girl Candid street photography

Gentle Beauty eyes girl Street Portraits Photography

Beauty happy smiling girl Street Portraits photography

Rain thoughtful Man Street candid photography

Street Portraits Beautiful Girl Gentle relaxed photograph

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Fabrizio Amoroso: Striking Fashion Portrait Photography

More Flickr brilliance, here is more beautiful portrait/fashion photography for you today from Italian photographer Fabrizio Amoroso. Effective lighting and strong composition are key factors in these portraits! The car scenes also show an ability for effective storytelling. Beautiful work!

Beautiful eyes model girl fashion portrait

Beautiful model girl fashion portrait

Beauty movie model girl fashion portrait

Beautiful model girl fashion portrait

Beautiful model girl fashion portrait