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Cuba Gallery: Photography from London Visit

My Flickr favourite ‘Cuba Gallery’ has now been featured three times on the blog, his photography is so good I like to feature it at every opportunity I get. Here are some photographs of his that are ‘Closer to home’ (Closer to my home anyway, as I live an hour away) of the beautiful city that is London. Enjoy his unique perspective…

Heaven hell London Underground Subway Candid poster photography

London queen victoria blue sky cloud statue photography

unique beautiful London taxi people history colour photography

50 Stunning Architecture Photographs: Reblog

Architecture photography is not something I have really covered on The Photography Blogger before now, but it is yet another area of photography I like and enjoy looking at. Check out 50 examples of stunning Architecture photography at….

Architecture is a fine art in terms of creation, for hundreds of years people having been discovering new and innovative ways to design buildings. Architecture design has also become more and more imaginative and we are seeing more and more unusual and unique looking buildings nowadays. Enjoy the beauty of these images…

Stunning reflection city Architecture photography

classic Architecture atmosphere beautiful photography

Reflection clouds usa city architecture photography

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