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B.Image: More Street Portraits from Asia

Another opportunity today for me to include some more of street photographer B.Image’s portraits, his work really has a touch of brilliance to it. He ask’s a random member of the public to pose for him on the spur of the moment, the result is a professional looking portrait photograph. Enjoy these stunning shots from the streets of Asia!

Street Portrait beautiful girl asian fashion dress photograph

Street Portrait glamourous pretty girl photo

Street Portrait powerful pose man asian photo
Street Portrait beautiful pretty girl portrait

Freedom II: More Photography from the Streets of Japan

After the beautiful additions from Japan yesterday, I thought I would continue the Japanese flavour this week with some work from a photographer who has been featured on the blog before.

These are some of Freedoms latest additions to his flickr page, some really impressive black and white street photos which have alot of mood and intensity to them. They really capture the feel of a fast paced city in a powerful fashion.

Simply click the photos below to see more of Freedom’s work…

japanese Street Photography blur fast paced black white

Japan Street Photography candid people black white

Japan Blurry Street Photography black white fast pace

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CubaGallery: Some more Epic Photography- Landscape Portraits

I have included the amazing photography talent that goes by the name of CubaGallery before on The Photography Blogger, I felt the time had come to include more of his work. Seeing as his images really are something special!

His composition always seems to be spot on and his understanding of lighting appears to be exceptional when you see how beautifully balanced his images are. The images I’m including today would make great landscape photographs by themselves, but they are not just landscape photographs you may notice… they are candid portraits aswell.

beautiful unusual Landscape candid sea portrait photography

stunning landscape portrait photography bali dramatic unusual

Bali Landscape portrait photograph peaceful beautiful unique unusual

B.Image: Effortless Street Portrait Photography

I have been following B.Image’s work on Flickr for a while now, he specialises in posed and candid Street Portrait Photography in Singapore. To execute such photography takes courage, as it involves walking up to complete strangers and asking them to pose for photograph’s often risking rejection and worse! Taking candid street shots also takes courage, as you risk upsetting the person you are sneakily photographing as they walk down the street if they spot you.

It also takes skill to achieve strong images with such a limited time frame, you can’t exactly ask the member of the public you have picked out to stand around for hours while you get that Perfect shot! This is clearly a skill that B.Image possesses in leaps and bounds when carrying out his impromptu photo  shoots.

His posed  street portraits are deep, expressive, meaningful and his candid shots are equally as effective. His confidence shines through in his work, as his subjects look relaxed and composed. This is quite an achievement when your subjects are not professional models. I hope you enjoy his work as much as I have.. To see more of B.Images work simply click on the images below..

Drizzling Beauty Girl Candid street photography

Gentle Beauty eyes girl Street Portraits Photography

Beauty happy smiling girl Street Portraits photography

Rain thoughtful Man Street candid photography

Street Portraits Beautiful Girl Gentle relaxed photograph

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Famous Photographer Series: Philip-Lorca di Corcia (Heads)

Philip-Lorca di Corcia is a highly successful American Fine Arts Photographer, his work has become iconic and he has featured in many top art galleries worldwide. There is so much of his photography that I could feature, but today I have decided to focus purely on his series of images, ‘Heads’.

lorca, heads, Photography, di Corcia, Art, candid, lighting, dramatic, impactful, portrait, brilliant, good, movie

di Corcia has always been a master at creating unique and original ideas, he aims to take photography to new levels, pushing the boundaries of how photography is produced. ‘Heads’ is a great example of di Corcia’s uniqueness and originality, the series was created in Times Square, New York. di Corcia attached a strobe light to scaffolding on a subway, he then set up a hidden camera to secretly capture the people who became highlighted by the strobe lighting. The results are truly stunning.

Photography, di Corcia, Art, Lorca di corcia, heads, candid, lighting, dramatic, impactful, portrait, brilliant, good, movie

The lighting is highly effective, giving the images his trademark cinematic feel. The portraits appear as if they are stills from a movie, which is even more impressive when you consider these portraits are not staged in any form. It is striking the way the lighting appears to isolate the subject, leaving the rest of the image dark and sparse giving a sense of the ‘unknown’ to the photos.

Photography, di Corcia, Art, lorca di corcia, heads, famous, candid, lighting, dramatic, impactful, portrait, brilliant, good, movie

diCorcia redefined street photography with these images, capturing candid photos where the people featured all appear to have stories to tell, but the stories are not revealed clearly to the viewer. These photos blur the lines between the definition of ‘staged’ and ‘candid’, the facial expressions of the people featured add intrigue and interest, making the viewer wonder what the subjects may be thinking or feeling. These are clearly everyday people going about their daily lives, diCorcia has aimed to capture people going about their everyday lives in a unique format. True art!

Photography, heads, lorca di Corcia, Art, candid, lighting, dramatic, impactful, portrait, brilliant, good, movie

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