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Big News: The Canon 1DX Announced Whilst Nikon/others suffer Flood tragedy

canon new full frame DSLR 1DX

It appears Canon are finally preparing themselves to release the big guns on Nikon, over the last few years Canon have been lagging behind Nikon in terms of low light performance and AF performance in the pro segment of the market. The Nikon D3S was a revelation when it was released offering staggering low light performance and a lightning fast Autofocus system making it a camera for sports photography, journalism and any other form of action packed low light photography. Canon have been slow to respond to the plaudits that were given to Nikon during that time period, the Canon 1DX appears to be Canons endeavor to match Nikon and judging by the specifications it seems to be a ‘hard hitting’ announcement which will certainly give Nikon something to think about.

To name just a few of the Canon 1DX specs, it boasts a Full frame 18 megapixel sensor, 12 Frames per second continuous shooting, 61 point Autofocus system,  ISO range from 50-51,200 and HD video. This is to name just some of the specs! This really sounds an interesting concept from Canon and it will be interesting to see how Nikon will respond with their D4 (whatever it will be called?) announcement.

To see the full specs… visit here
Flooding shut down factory Nikon Sony

Sadly for Nikon though in other news, they have been forced to suspend their Thailand factory due to the horrific flooding that has occurred there. This news comes after sustaining damage earlier this year to there Japanese factories, this is a tremendous blow to the company as 90% of Nikon’s DSLR DX cameras are produced there. I’m imagining we will be seeing many more price rises to Nikon products over the coming months as stock levels drop. Sony have been similarly effected having to suspend production of some of their camera models, not to mention the numerous other manufacturers based in Thailand who are having to contend with the flooding in some form or another.

It appears right now that Thailand are battling with a natural disaster fairly similar to the way Japan did earlier this year, my best wishes and thoughts go out to all the people effected.

Will Nikon’s New Mirrorless System change the game? The Nikon 1 revealed

Nikon mirrorless 1 v1 camera photo

Nikon’s product announcements this year have been a slight letdown for me, as a DSLR fan I was excited to see if Nikon would be bringing anything fresh and new to the table in this area. It would seem not!

The interesting announcement though is Nikon’s new mirrorless system, they are the first of the big two to enter the game. The big mirrorless rivals… Sony, Panasonic and Olympus have been creating huge waves in the market with their mirrorless camera offerings. Nikon clearly have felt compelled to offer their own take on the mirrorless camera design, this is a smaller camera with a smaller sensor than the competition. Canon are yet to reveal a mirrorless camera, this could potentially prove costly to Canon’s market share.. time will tell.

The Nikon idea seems to be to make a ‘pocketable’ mirrorless camera, whether it’s performance will impress and the question of whether or not the device will be as successful as the competition is still under great question. This release from Nikon is creating alot of heated debate all over the internet at the moment. Also, I couldn’t help but notice how expensive this camera will be, if it was the price of an enthusiast compact camera, it would definitely have been on my shopping list. But for the time being, I am taking a step back and considering my options..

Check out the specs over at Nikon rumours.

My Canon S90 Love: Discovering Macro…

I recently received my new Canon S90 to replace my old Lumix FS15 compact, I’m very pleased to say that I am highly impressed with this new camera. It really is GREAT! As mentioned previously, as good as the Lumix was I became frustrated with the lack of manual control and its dreadful Low light performance.

The Canon on paper seemed to answer my prayers, I have not been dissapointed. This really is one amazing little camera, it has also introduced me the world of Macro (Check out the samples below, it has quite a close focusing distance). I bought the older model as I didn’t feel the S95 had a lot extra to offer for the extra price premium. Looking for a new compact that has adequate low light performance, manual control and is a Canon G12 packed into a pocket friendly body? My advice is to buy one of these today! (I know it sounds like I’m working for Canon)

Hope you like my attempts at Macro/Close up photography..

leaves canon s90 macro beauty colour

Canon S90 Macro Bee colour

Canon S90 Macro Pink Flower rain drop

Canon S95/S90: A RAW Talent of a Small Camera?

Canon compact camera S90 S95 perfection

After sifting through some images from my Panasonic LUMIX FS15 I noticed that despite the fact that it produces some really good photo’s at base ISO, the minute I it goes too ISO 800 in low light the noise becomes OBSCENE.

Anyway….long story short. I am now looking to replace my compact camera with a new one! The LUMIX has served me well (the first camera I bought), but since using a DSLR for a while now I have become accustomed to manual controls. My current compact is completely automatic and has no ability to change settings, I have began to find this limiting when composing photographs. As any keen photographer knows, the automatic exposure setting can only be relied upon in certain circumstances.

At the moment there is huge competition between all the manufacturers in the compact market, Panasonic have the fantastic LUMIX LX-5 and Olympus have just released the equally impressive XZ-1. The only BIG problem is  both of these cameras can not fit in to my pocket which means they have limited appeal. If I want to carry around a camera to do serious photography, then I take my Nikon D90 with me. Otherwise, I want a compact I can carry in my pocket that I can easily forget about and use when I see that ‘decisive moment’ I would otherwise miss if I had no camera at all.

The Canon S95 seems to fit all my requirements…. Small (Pocketable), Adequate High ISO performance and much of the same technology that the Canon G12 has in a much SMALLER package including the ability for manual control and RAW capabilities! Seems like Canon have answered my prayers this time round. Thanks, Canon.

That is quite a thing to say as a Nikon user!! Perhaps I need to pray that Nikon can make compacts as good as their DSLRS?

Samples from the Canon S90 at night by Ken Rockwell… Beautiful!

ISO 800

Canon S95 low light high ISO performance

ISO 1600

Canon S90 low light performance high ISO 1600

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Canon 7D DSLR: A Canon to turn a Nikon Man to Canon?

As a Nikon user, I know I’ve invested into a good system. But just sometimes… I have those nagging doubts that I might be enjoying my camera more if I was shooting Canon. As a person who is yet to use a Canon DSLR extensively I sometimes have a nagging desire to trade all my Nikon gear in to the local second-hand shop and buy a brand new shiny Canon DSLR instead (Yes, I realise how incredibly irrational this whole article sounds, but maybe some of you can relate to my madness?). I have these phases sometimes for  a few days or even a week, then usually I regain my sanity and realise I need to make the best out of the system I have already… which I am still yet to do by a long shot!

Anyway.. I am sad to say I am having one of those phases right now. For some irrational reason, I am craving to try or even consider buying a Canon 7D. Although a couple of years old now, it seems to really be a BEAST of a camera and one that 90% of owners absolutely love. Amazing reviews for this Canon gem are scattered all over the world-wide web and alot of its early critics seem to have been silenced (i.e the complaints of too many mega pixels on a smaller sensor).

I’m sure this phase will pass and I will regain my sanity (sort of sanity!) over the next few days and I will happily return to my trusty Nikon D90. But hmmmmmm… I will remain curious about this beauty of a camera that is the Canon 7D for a while yet… Anyone willing to lend me theirs for  just a day?? Just so I can try? I will give it back honest!

dslr camera canon 7d convert me from nikon

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Pentax K5 DSLR Review by Steve Huff: Return to the Glory days?

Every review I have seen for the Pentax K5 (Pentax’s latest DSLR) has been glowing, seems as if Pentax are really moving in the right direction these days. In a market where Nikon and Canon dominate and are seen as the ”COOL” brands, Pentax are fighting back with the K5 that is reported as being a match for and in some cases better than the Nikon D7000 and Canon 60D.

At one time in photography, Nikon and Pentax were seen as the Japanese brands to want and own. Canon were seen as more of an outside choice in the days of film. It would be nice to see Pentax rebuild their brand identity, competition is always a good thing! As it means every camera brand will raise their game keeping standards high, meaning we as the consumer get a better end product.

Panasonic, Sony, Samsung and Olympus are making waves with their mirrorless systems, it will be interesting to see over the next five years whether mirrorless cameras will begin to dominate the market. Nikon are developing their own mirrorless system too, I have a feeling with their experience of camera manufacture they will develop a strong alternative. I personally find the lack of an optical viewfinder an area of weakness, as I prefer looking through the lens when I compose photographs,but I will be considering mirrorless cameras in the future due to their size and convenience. As much as I love my Nikon D90, there are times I simply can’t be bothered to lug it around!

Check out this Steve Huff review of the Pentax K5- Great Read.Pentax k5 dslr reviews comeback

Nikon D7000: DX Brilliance- Reviews

I have been looking over some of the numerous Nikon D7000 reviews out there today, seems at long last Nikon are matching Canon in terms of video performance. Check out some of the videos, Chase Jarvis has been creating with it. I know to some, DSLR video is still a bit of a gimmick, but it’s a nice feature to have. Independent film makers seem to be really making the best of DSLR video modes and are creating some amazing results!

Primarily though the Nikon D7000 is still a stills camera and it seems to be excelling in this area too. When I heard that Nikon were going to be using a 16 MP DX sensor in the D7000, I was concerned it may compromise the High ISO capabilities that the D90 has become renown for. But it would appear that this is not the case, as the D7000 offers one stop better ISO performance over the 12MP D90. Impressive stuff Nikon!

One last question though, when are you going to release the D700 replacement?

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Nikon D3S: The Lowlight King?

Stumbled across a great comparison today, the article compares the High ISO performance of the Nikon D700, Nikon D3 and Nikon D3S. As a Nikon D90 user (which is more than usable at ISO 1600), it is good to see Nikon are currently creating some great full frame cameras that perform well in low light. Check out the samples from the Nikon D3S at ISO 12,800. Perhaps the days of noisy images are soon to be to be a thing of the past if full frame becomes more affordable?

A true beast of a cam, sadly though another camera I have no chance of affording any time soon!

I’m looking forward to finding out more about the new Canon 5D MKiii aswell, I hear an announcement is soon to be made. I know of many photographers out there creating amazing videos on the Canon 5DMKii. I’m sure Canon will be working hard to make the 5D MKiii, the camera of choice for young film makers and the pro photography market.

Check out this comparison of the D3, D3S and D700 at high ISO and be amazed

Leica M9 Lust: The Camera I want but can’t afford

I am a firm believer in the line ‘its the the photographer behind the camera, not the camera that makes a good photograph’, but who dosen’t want a Leica??

Yes I know some might say… Leicas are overpriced despite the fact they are well built cameras. But there is something special about that red Leica badge and I still dream of owning one eventually at some point in my life. Check out these review links!! This is one beautiful retro looking camera, that of course will produce stunningly beautiful noise free images as a bonus in a compact (did I mention beautiful?) body. Anyone willing to lend me £6000???