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Freedom II: More Photography from the Streets of Japan

After the beautiful additions from Japan yesterday, I thought I would continue the Japanese flavour this week with some work from a photographer who has been featured on the blog before.

These are some of Freedoms latest additions to his flickr page, some really impressive black and white street photos which have alot of mood and intensity to them. They really capture the feel of a fast paced city in a powerful fashion.

Simply click the photos below to see more of Freedom’s work…

japanese Street Photography blur fast paced black white

Japan Street Photography candid people black white

Japan Blurry Street Photography black white fast pace

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Jackfre2: Do I have your full attention? Stunning Portrait Beauty

Another slice of Flickr photography brilliance for you today, this time from jackfre a Belgian photographer. The thing that makes this capture more remarkable, is when you discover that this pose was not planned in any way. The model was a member of the public in a cafe, asked to pose on the spur of the moment.

The photograph has received nearly 1000 comments on Flickr and it’s not hard to see why it is making such an impact! A true masterpiece of portrait photography, Beautiful!

To read the story behind this photograph click on the image..

Stunning beauty pretty girl model portrait photo

Vivian Maier: The Discovered Street Photographer

Recently I saw a video concerning a man named John Maloof who had purchased street photographer Vivian Maier’s numerous negatives at an auction, he seemed hugely passionate about the task he had of developing her numerous rolls of film. When I saw some of the photography Maier had captured, I could see why he felt the way he did. Her work dates from the 1950’s to the 1990’s and she was a resident of Chicago city.

Bearing in mind that Maier was working in a time where there wasn’t high technology or gadgets, her ability to create perfection consistently is mind-blowing. Her captures clearly take into consideration many elements, each photo has perfect composition, she finds the perfect exposure consistently and the contrast in the tones are simply stunning. Most importantly though, each photo has its own tale. Maier documents Chicago life in a fascinating style, she was a undiscovered storyteller who has now been discovered! Just a shame she didn’t get the recognition for her work whilst she was still with us (Maier sadly passed away in 2009).

But then again.. perhaps Maier didn’t want recognition?? Perhaps every photo was her own personal vision of the world??? this may explain why her film was left undeveloped. These are questions we will sadly never know the answers too, her work lives on though and my applause goes to John Maloof for bringing her work back to life.

Check out the blog created by John Maloof showcasing her work…. Highly interesting!

Vivian Maier Street Photography portrait

Vivian Maier Street Photography portraitVivian Maier Street Photography portraitVivian Maier Street Photography portraitVivian Maier Street Photography portrait

Billy Pham: More Striking Portrait/Fashion Photography

Yet… more Flickr brilliance, a very different style to the my previous post. But effective in a different way! US Portrait/Glamour photographer Billy really creates some striking photographs! Here are some samples of his Black and White work.

Beautiful gorgeous blonde fashion model cool beauty model portrait shades fashion Beautiful pretty brunette model portrait fashion

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Anya: Unique Self Portraits

Yet more… self portraits for you today, this time from Anya who is a young photographer from Sarajevo. The first thing that struck me about Anya’s work was how she uses processing to create unique and artistic imagery, her photographs are not just photographs they are like drawings/paintings that she has perfected.

The orignal photos would be strong by themselves but Anya adds to them with great processing skill. I can imagine seeing her photo’s being used as advertising. Enjoy!

portrait, beautiful girl, photography, fashion, pretty, Bw

portrait, beautiful girl, photography, fashion, pretty, Bw

portrait, beautiful girl, photography, colour, pretty,

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Josep Sauri: The Eyes Never Lie

Josep Sauri is a highly talented Spanish photographer whom I recently discovered, his work is very diverse but his speciality is fashion/portrait photography. The first thing that struck me about Josep’s portraits, was his ability to connect with the model and the natural look of the images, they look completely unedited.

You feel as if you are seeing the personality of the model being expressed in these images which takes a skilled photographer to bring out, the eyes of the model are prominent in all three photos making a powerful connection with the viewer. Credit goes to the model Gemma aswell, as I think she’s a true natural!

portrait, beautiful girl, photography, fashion, pretty, BWportrait, beautiful girl, photography, fashion, pretty

portrait, beautiful girl, photography, fashion, pretty eyes

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Thomas Hawk.. is a Photography Factory

Thomas Hawk is a photographer I have followed for awhile now, he has a great blog which is always a great read. If you have been living under a rock for the past few years and haven’t seen his blog already, check it out at

Most importantly though Thomas creates great photography, his diversity knows no limits. Enjoy samples of some of his collection below.

An American Wedding-389

Contesters of Corporate Greed

Where Kindness is a Card Game

Standing and Watching