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Stunning examples of DSLR Video in Action

When video was originally released as a feature of DSLR cameras in 2008, many people called this a ‘Gimmick’. 3 years on HDSLR video has made a staggering impact, with many videographers purchasing DSLR’s as they provide them with amazing quality video at a fraction of the price of high end Video cameras. The 24 Frames Per Second ‘film look’ has also been a deciding factor for many videographers. Also the ability to create a shallow Depth Of Field, which again is a trademark of more professional film making.

Vimeo is an amazing resource for some of the work that is currently being created using DSLR’s, enjoy this link that showcases the quality of some of the videos being produced.

Canon are currently leading the pack still in the DSLR video realm, despite Nikon being the first to introduce DSLR video with the Nikon D90. The quality of footage fell far short though, of the Canon 5D MK II that was released shortly afterwards (This was partly due to Canon’s rich history in producing video cameras). I’m looking forward to see where Nikon will take video with the D4 and D800 that are rumored to be shortly released.

I have a feeling the gap will close!

Most importantly though, its clear that DSLR video is here to stay. The more I check out Vimeo, the more intrigued I am to start creating DSLR movies myself!