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B. Image: Interview: An insight from the lens of a Street Photographer

I have featured the extraordinary work of street photographer B.Image twice on the blog now and I am glad to bring you an interview directly from the man himself! Enjoy this insight into the work and life of this inspiring photographer.

On Bangkok street...Siam Paragon, street Portrait #51

How did you get into photography?

My interest in photography started during my school days when I did some portraits and street photography with a semi-automatic camera (it wasn’t my machine though). But it stopped for a good number of years because there wasn’t anyone to share this interest with. A handful of my colleagues who took up photography  shared their skills and it was one of them who introduced me to flickr back in the year 2009. My interest for photography came back and shortly after that, I got my first camera, the Nikon D90.

What inspires you to create the work you do?

The people. Lives of people. To document where they have been to and what they were doing, the attire they were wearing on that particular day at that very second through my lens. “This is you. You were there, on this street and a street portrait of you was taken.” And when they look back (hopefully), they will remember that this event has happened in their lives and they are part of the street portraits series.On the night street of Bangkok...Khao San

What is the most satisfying part of the photographic process for you?

The moment when I know that I’ve got the shot.

What do you aim to capture in your images, are their specific messages in your photography?

Nothing pretentious. Every street portrait that was taken portrays the stranger in his or her natural state/emotion. “Be yourself, be natural”.

On Bangkok street...Siam Paragon, Portrait #48

Do you use any specific techniques in your work? (i.e. HDR, Long exposures)

There are not any special techniques. It’s the usual aperture priority or manual. I wouldn’t want to hold the stranger up for more than one minute.

What are your future ambitions for your photography? Where do you want to go with your work?

Portraiture photography is one area that I will continue to pursue, especially street portraits because there is no end to it. I have been doing this in Singapore, some in Malaysia and a good handful in Bangkok. I do have plans to visit other places to keep the street portraits evolving.Street Portrait #38

I see you mainly focus on ordinary people on the street in your photography and you clearly have great people skills. How do you approach people you wish to photograph? How do you help them to relax in front of the camera?

A lot of people have asked me this question from time to time. This is what I do…
I walk a lot on the street. Yes a lot, from one spot to another and sometimes I will go to another location within the day if I have too. I stop by at different areas for breaks while still paying attention to the people. I observe the things that they do, be it reading something, talking on their mobile phone, texting, hanging out with friends, walking alone, how and the way they walk and at what pace. I observe the behavior, personality, aura and body language. Now that I’m doing street fashion, I will have to observe the attire as well. Yes, there are lots of factors that need to be taken into consideration before I step up to ask for a portrait. I can’t ask for everything, but I will be selective to choose the appropriate person at the proper time without invading their privacy on the street.

“Excuse me, can I take a picture?” When I ask, I look in the eyes of the stranger and smile at the same time while holding my camera in front of me. As you can see, three things are during the few seconds when I present my request. Looking in the eyes shows your sincerity, smiling makes the people feel at ease (people love a smiling photographer, this is very true!) and holding the camera in front of you allow’s the person to identity your interest immediately.

Do people question my motive? Yes they do, most of them do. And I have spent a long time thinking about how to convey my request across to the person in the shortest and most effective manner, to strike curiosity and make them want to be part of my street portraits collection. I also have to make sure that I do not fumble when I’m asked about the purpose of my image making process. I still remember back in the days when I started my “Street Portraits 365 Days”, I’ve used various opening lines and trying to explain my purpose behind the project. While I may have some success, I wasn’t too happy with my lines. But the idea became more apparent as I step out for more street portraits every weekend, and finally, I found my magic word.

It is almost impossible to get the people to feel relaxed in front of the lens if you are feeling tense behind your camera. I tell them what I want, to have them relate to my emotion and express it on their own. A little connection is all it takes to earn that trust between you and the intended person whom you approached. At the end of the day, they get the picture, I get, The Shot!

Thank you for very much for taking time out for the interview, Boong.

To see more of B.Images work, visit his Flickr page at

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Hinius: Unreal Photography

On Flickr today I stumbled across two photographs that can only be defined as artistic masterpieces, enjoy this surreal beauty! if you hadn’t guessed it these are created through glass reflections. I have seen a lot of photography before now that has been created by using reflections, but nothing quite as creative as this appears to be!

Art photography= Meaningless junk, check  out Hinius’s work before you come to that conclusion. To see more of Hinius’s work simply click on the below photographs.



LJ.- A Staggering Portrayal of Life on the streets

I stumbled across this incredible portrait of a Homeless man on Flickr, this really is a powerful and memorable photograph. I have found in recent times, that sometimes ‘photographing the homeless’ has become a fashionable thing to do! I personally find this a bit insulting, as it appears some people are taking photographs of the homeless purely because it’s an easy and cheap way to make ‘ART’ as they see it.

This image is refreshing, as it is authentic and genuine. His piercing eyes are filled with soul and emotion, the connection with camera and subject is incredibly strong. The fact he is using ‘cardboard’ instead of paper for joints that he smokes reveals the hardship the man is suffering on a daily basis. Truly moving!

Homeless man streets smoking emotion moving sadness powerful

B.Image: More Street Portraits from Asia

Another opportunity today for me to include some more of street photographer B.Image’s portraits, his work really has a touch of brilliance to it. He ask’s a random member of the public to pose for him on the spur of the moment, the result is a professional looking portrait photograph. Enjoy these stunning shots from the streets of Asia!

Street Portrait beautiful girl asian fashion dress photograph

Street Portrait glamourous pretty girl photo

Street Portrait powerful pose man asian photo
Street Portrait beautiful pretty girl portrait

Freedom II: More Photography from the Streets of Japan

After the beautiful additions from Japan yesterday, I thought I would continue the Japanese flavour this week with some work from a photographer who has been featured on the blog before.

These are some of Freedoms latest additions to his flickr page, some really impressive black and white street photos which have alot of mood and intensity to them. They really capture the feel of a fast paced city in a powerful fashion.

Simply click the photos below to see more of Freedom’s work…

japanese Street Photography blur fast paced black white

Japan Street Photography candid people black white

Japan Blurry Street Photography black white fast pace

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SimplyAbbey: The Walking Wounded (New York Street Photography)

My ‘Flickr find of the day’ is this slice of New York Street photography, it really is an incredible capture! The lighting and composition are spot on, the person walking down the street who appears to be  a lonely figure, adds a real sense of story and mystery to the photograph. It has a real movie feel to it, true art! To see the photographers explanation behind this epic photograph simply click on the image…

night lonely dark art portrait New york street photography

Plus another stunning New York City photograph from Simply Abbey as a bonus…

New york city street photography night lights

B.Image: Effortless Street Portrait Photography

I have been following B.Image’s work on Flickr for a while now, he specialises in posed and candid Street Portrait Photography in Singapore. To execute such photography takes courage, as it involves walking up to complete strangers and asking them to pose for photograph’s often risking rejection and worse! Taking candid street shots also takes courage, as you risk upsetting the person you are sneakily photographing as they walk down the street if they spot you.

It also takes skill to achieve strong images with such a limited time frame, you can’t exactly ask the member of the public you have picked out to stand around for hours while you get that Perfect shot! This is clearly a skill that B.Image possesses in leaps and bounds when carrying out his impromptu photo  shoots.

His posed  street portraits are deep, expressive, meaningful and his candid shots are equally as effective. His confidence shines through in his work, as his subjects look relaxed and composed. This is quite an achievement when your subjects are not professional models. I hope you enjoy his work as much as I have.. To see more of B.Images work simply click on the images below..

Drizzling Beauty Girl Candid street photography

Gentle Beauty eyes girl Street Portraits Photography

Beauty happy smiling girl Street Portraits photography

Rain thoughtful Man Street candid photography

Street Portraits Beautiful Girl Gentle relaxed photograph

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Freedom II: Powerful Japanese Street Photography

Another taste of Flickr brilliance today from a photographer who goes by the name of Freedom II. As a tribute to all the people in Japan who have suffered great loss and are now working to rebuild their magnificent country after the recent Tsunami, I thought I would include some Amazing Street Photography from Japan.

These photographs are great captures and show the beauty of urban Japanese streets, to see more of Freedom II’s work, simply click on the photos below.

Great powerful Japan Street Photography

Great Japan Street Photography

Great Japan lines reflection Street Photography

Great Japan street photography portrait candid people

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Vivian Maier: The Discovered Street Photographer

Recently I saw a video concerning a man named John Maloof who had purchased street photographer Vivian Maier’s numerous negatives at an auction, he seemed hugely passionate about the task he had of developing her numerous rolls of film. When I saw some of the photography Maier had captured, I could see why he felt the way he did. Her work dates from the 1950’s to the 1990’s and she was a resident of Chicago city.

Bearing in mind that Maier was working in a time where there wasn’t high technology or gadgets, her ability to create perfection consistently is mind-blowing. Her captures clearly take into consideration many elements, each photo has perfect composition, she finds the perfect exposure consistently and the contrast in the tones are simply stunning. Most importantly though, each photo has its own tale. Maier documents Chicago life in a fascinating style, she was a undiscovered storyteller who has now been discovered! Just a shame she didn’t get the recognition for her work whilst she was still with us (Maier sadly passed away in 2009).

But then again.. perhaps Maier didn’t want recognition?? Perhaps every photo was her own personal vision of the world??? this may explain why her film was left undeveloped. These are questions we will sadly never know the answers too, her work lives on though and my applause goes to John Maloof for bringing her work back to life.

Check out the blog created by John Maloof showcasing her work…. Highly interesting!

Vivian Maier Street Photography portrait

Vivian Maier Street Photography portraitVivian Maier Street Photography portraitVivian Maier Street Photography portraitVivian Maier Street Photography portrait

CubaGallery: Italian Street Photography

Street Photography is something I really like and will be including more of on the blog in the future, these street photo’s taken in Italy (Venice and Rome) are something to write home about.

Some striking spur of the moment captures here, the colour’s are so rich and authentic. CubaGallery is a very popular photographer online, It’s not hard to see why!

Click on any of the images below to see more of his work at Flickr.

Cuba Gallery: Italy / Venice / vintage / restaurant / people / natural light / street / urban / photography

Cuba Gallery: Italy / Rome / urban / motorbike  / orange / street photography

Cuba Gallery: Italy / Venice / Rialto Canal / natural light / vintage / night / photography

Cuba Gallery: Italy / Venice / Florian outdoor music / natural light / vintage / photography