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Famous Photographer Series: Gregory Crewdson

This is the start of a new series I will be adding to the blog, showing you some of  the famous photographers that have inspired a generation of photographers.

Gregory Crewdson is a master at creating photograph’s that appear as if they are stills taken from an epic movie, the meaning of each image is completely left to the viewers own interpretation. A story is held within each image which Crewdson never shares, forcing the viewer to search for an explanation to the scene that Crewdson has presented. Personally I’m a huge fan of Crewdsons work because it always makes an impact, forcing me to think about what his intended meanings are. His photography is dark, moody and emotional but equally beautiful at the same time. Please enjoy the following samples of his work.

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Liisa Harmson: Angelic Portrait Photography

I stumbled across a young female photographer named Liisa Harmson on Flickr today, I found her work truly ‘jaw dropping’. Liisa Harmson clearly knows how to create a good self portrait, she creates dreamlike imagery which appears to hold a deeper meaning. The photos seen here do not even appear to be staged, very impressive!


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