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Anna Theodora: Her latest and greatest portrait photography

Anna Theodora was one of the first photographers I featured on the blog, she is still a photographer who continues to impress and inspire me in equal measures, she seems to be showing more and more variety in her work. Check out and enjoy some of her latest photos.


Wendy never stopped waiting

Of Memories


To see more of Anna’s work visit

Michelangelo di Battista: Beyonce Knowles in InStyle Magazine

This is a recent photo shoot of worldwide famous R&B/Pop Singer Beyonce Knowles by fashion photographer Michelangelo di Battista for InStyle magazine, I have made quite a few features regarding di Battista now on the blog. He is quickly becoming one of my favourite photographers in the industry, his work fills me with inspiration.

His photography is atmospheric, deep in colour and mood whilst representing his subjects/models in a very natural and relaxed fashion. His skill in perfecting dramatic lighting set ups is equally effective!

beyonce knowles popstar dramatic image

beyonce knowles fashion shot glamour popstar



Michelangelo di Battista: Gwen Stefani.. Stunning portrait

I came across this incredible shot today by fashion/portrait photographer Michelangelo di Battista, this is from his shoot of famed singer Gwen Stefani. This shot is so incredible in every aspect, the sense of drama and atmosphere is intense creating great impact. This is without even mentioning, the stunning composition and lighting of this photograph.

The bokeh to the right of the image is smooth and beautiful allowing the sharpness of the left side of the image to stand out just that bit more.

stunning fashion photography gwen stefani michelangel di battista

Billy Pham: More amazing portrait photography

Billy Pham is an up and coming fashion/portrait photographer from the USA, his work has been causing quite a stir on Flickr and he really has an eye for creating beautiful portraits using mainly natural lighting. Enjoy some more samples of photography from this up and coming talent! The portraits showcased here have an amazingly natural feel to them, his work has been featured before on the blog and I’m sure it will be featured again, so stay tuned!

To see more of Billy’s work, simply click on any of the photographs below.Morgan Woolard Miss Oklahoma beautiful model photography billy pham

beautiful model photo billy pham

Billy pham fashion photograph model sunlight

Morgan Woolard - Miss Oklahoma model beauty photography billy pham

Valerie Sebestyen natural light portrait beauty billy pham photography

Michael Angelo di Battista: Alicia Keys for Vogue Italy

I stumbled across this incredible photoshoot by fashion photographer Michael Angelo di Battista today for Vogue magazine Italy, the model is US R&B singer Alicia Keys. The setting/location is extremely powerful, the lighting is dramatic and there appears to be a strong representation of the personality of Alicia Keys as a recording artist. The photos speak for themselves..

alicia keys fashion photo music vogue

alicia keys fashion photo music


alicia keys singer vogue fashion photography

alicia keys singer vogue photography fashion

alicia keys singer vogue photoshoot italy



Mario Testino: Emma Watson for Vogue Magazine

As you may of noticed, Mario Testino is a photographer who has been heavily featured on the blog before. This is for two reasons really.. 1- Testino is one of the best fashion photographers in the world today 2- he is a huge inspiration to me.

Testino has recently carried out a photoshoot with movie star actress Emma Watson for Vogue Magazine. The shoot highlights his unique abilities as a photographer once more, he always has a knack of creating atmosphere in his photos whilst creating pure beauty at the same time. Enjoy this fantastic set.

watson testino beauty vogue photography

watson vogue testino fashion photography shoot

watson movie testino beauty fashion photo shoot

watson pose testino fashion photo shoot

Yu Tsai for Flaunt: Keira Knightley in one of her Latest and Greatest shoots

I made a new discovery today, I discovered the brilliant work of Fashion photographer Yu Tsai. Enjoy this stunning photoshoot of movie superstar Keira Knightley from Flaunt magazine, the focus of this shoot was not just on Knightley but the unique setting aswell. The composition, poses and dramatic colour are amazing.

stunning fashion photo keira knightley flaunt

flaunt photoshoot keira knightley fashion beauty

brilliant photoshoot kiera knightley red rustic scene

keira knightley flaunt beautiful portrait fashion

grave pose keira knightley brilliant photo fashion

The Fashion Photography of the future? Is Street Fashion

Due to the prolific rise of the internet and people buying less magazines, budgets for fashion shoots have become less and less. This brings up an interesting question ‘What is the future of fashion photography?’, it appears perhaps the future of the finely constructed fashion magazine photoshoot may be potentially under threat. But with change, comes opportunity and fashion photography will continue to exist in one form or another. People will continue to purchase fashion/clothing and of course imagery plays a huge part in exhibiting/advertising changing fashion trends to the public, designers are likely to continue using photography or videos to advertise their new fashion lines.

‘How will fashion photography exist in the future?’ appears to be the real question, this at the moment is an open question. But the following article published last year in the Irish Times, gives a very interesting insight in to how the future of fashion photography may turn out. It appear’s that some of the new up and coming fashion photographers (i.e. Garance Dore) are defining a new style of photography, Street Fashion photography. This appears to be a more reality based style of fashion photography, much of todays fashion imagery is heavily photoshopped and expensively constructed. It will be interesting to see if this new budget conscious and reality based style of photography becomes the new norm in the world of fashion as editorial budgets continue to be cut back.

Personally I hope that the current form of glossy mag fashion photography continues to exist as I feel this form of photography has a special place, but it will be interesting to see how this creative and new style of Street fashion photography progresses as I believe it could be equally effective. Check out the link below-

A great image from photographer Garance Dore for Elle Magazine below-

Garance dore Elle magazine street fashion photography

Michelangelo di Battista: Striking Jessica Alba Photoshoot for Vogue Italia

Fashion photographer Michelangelo di Battista is a new photography discovery I have made today, I have not seen any of his work previously but I will be making sure I keep track of his work from this point onwards. This outstanding photoshoot of the beautiful Hollywood actress Jessica Alba for Vogue Italy really highlights his photographic talents. The understated colours, Alba’s natural poses, the retrospective setting and most importantly the atmospheric lighting all mix together to create some truly memorable imagery.

jessica alba battista vogue italy beautiful fashion photography

beautiful actress jessica alba battista vogue italy fashion photography

stunning jessica alba car battista vogue italy fashion photography

edgy atmosphere jessica alba battista vogue italy fashion photography

movie jessica alba battista vogue italy beautiful fashion photography

Mariano Vivanco: The ‘Control’ Photoshoot

Another feature on famed fashion photographer Mariano Vivanco today, this is actually a photo shoot from early 2010 that I discovered today.

The shoot was featured in Wonderland magazine, it caught my attention due to the genuine sense of ‘control’ that you feel when looking at these images. It is unclear though whether the subjects/models in the photographs are the controllers or the controlled which adds a little mystery to these beautiful captures. Vivanco always manages to amaze me with his consistently great work!

Mariano Vivanco control photoshoot model building

Beautiful controlled model black white Mariano Vivanco photoshoot

underground beautiful model photoshoot mariano vivanco control

Defeat pose model shady underground mariano vivanco