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Michelangelo di Battista: Beyonce Knowles in InStyle Magazine

This is a recent photo shoot of worldwide famous R&B/Pop Singer Beyonce Knowles by fashion photographer Michelangelo di Battista for InStyle magazine, I have made quite a few features regarding di Battista now on the blog. He is quickly becoming one of my favourite photographers in the industry, his work fills me with inspiration.

His photography is atmospheric, deep in colour and mood whilst representing his subjects/models in a very natural and relaxed fashion. His skill in perfecting dramatic lighting set ups is equally effective!

beyonce knowles popstar dramatic image

beyonce knowles fashion shot glamour popstar



Michelangelo di Battista: Gwen Stefani.. Stunning portrait

I came across this incredible shot today by fashion/portrait photographer Michelangelo di Battista, this is from his shoot of famed singer Gwen Stefani. This shot is so incredible in every aspect, the sense of drama and atmosphere is intense creating great impact. This is without even mentioning, the stunning composition and lighting of this photograph.

The bokeh to the right of the image is smooth and beautiful allowing the sharpness of the left side of the image to stand out just that bit more.

stunning fashion photography gwen stefani michelangel di battista

Michael Angelo di Battista: Alicia Keys for Vogue Italy

I stumbled across this incredible photoshoot by fashion photographer Michael Angelo di Battista today for Vogue magazine Italy, the model is US R&B singer Alicia Keys. The setting/location is extremely powerful, the lighting is dramatic and there appears to be a strong representation of the personality of Alicia Keys as a recording artist. The photos speak for themselves..

alicia keys fashion photo music vogue

alicia keys fashion photo music


alicia keys singer vogue fashion photography

alicia keys singer vogue photography fashion

alicia keys singer vogue photoshoot italy



Mario Testino: Emma Watson for Vogue Magazine

As you may of noticed, Mario Testino is a photographer who has been heavily featured on the blog before. This is for two reasons really.. 1- Testino is one of the best fashion photographers in the world today 2- he is a huge inspiration to me.

Testino has recently carried out a photoshoot with movie star actress Emma Watson for Vogue Magazine. The shoot highlights his unique abilities as a photographer once more, he always has a knack of creating atmosphere in his photos whilst creating pure beauty at the same time. Enjoy this fantastic set.

watson testino beauty vogue photography

watson vogue testino fashion photography shoot

watson movie testino beauty fashion photo shoot

watson pose testino fashion photo shoot

Emma Watson is Daring: Mariano Vivanco’s Dramatic Photoshoot

I came across this daring photo shoot by famed Fashion Photographer Mariano Vivanco of Harry Potter star actress Emma Watson, the first aspect I noticed was how dramatically Emma Watson has recreated her image over the last year pretty much leaving behind her ‘Hermione Grainger’ persona. These portraits are not your typical posed actress shots, this is real fashion photography.

The clothes, powerful lighting, setting and pose all add to create a dramatically different portrayal of one of the worlds most famous young actresses. Vivanco is clearly an inventive photographer and has used his creativity to make a genuinely brilliant photo shoot. I look forward to including more of his work on the blog in the future.

Beautiful stunning Emma Watson Vivanco Fashion photo

Beautiful emma watson fashion shot unique photo

Beautiful Emma Watson fashion photography mariano vivanco

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Movie Star/Model Keira Knightley turns 26: Happy Birthday

Yesterday I was stunned to hear that superstar actress and model Keira Knightley was turning 26, it seems like she has been on our TV screens forever now, but she’s still…. just 26! Keira has deservedly become a movie queen, proving consistently she can back up her looks with acting talent.  She has also turned her hand to modelling on numerous occasions, more recently collaborating with legendary fashion photographer Mario Testino. Her advertising work for Chanel is now becoming iconic.

Despite all this, Keira dosen’t seem to have let the huge success of her career get the better of her just yet. While some superstars let fame go to their heads, Keira is still keeping a level head.

It will be fascinating to see where Keira’s career will take her next, what has she left to conquer? Enjoy some of Keira’s best fashion photography poses.

Chanel, Keira Knightley,Beauty, Moviestar, hot, pretty, advert, fashion

keira knightley, hot, portrait, fashion, broad, pose, beauty, pretty, photography

keira knightley, pose, fashion, beauty, atmosphere, portrait, photography, hot

Keira Knightley, Mario Testino, Fashion, Pose, Colour, Hot, beauty, photography, dramatic, portrait

Emma Watson: UK’s Next Top Model (MarieClaire PhotoShoot)

Things certainly seem to be moving on from the days of Hermione Grainger for Emma Watson, I saw news today she was quitting university temporarily too pursue her acting and modeling career more intensively.

Judging by some of her photoshoots Emma appears to be becoming quite the natural model. Some really stunning fashion photo’s of Emma are now being regular printed in all of the top magazines, not to mention her numerous appearances for Burberry.

It’s appears to be a case of Goodbye ‘Hermione Grainger’, Hello ‘Emma Watson Next Top Supermodel’…