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My Canon S90 Love: Discovering Macro…

I recently received my new Canon S90 to replace my old Lumix FS15 compact, I’m very pleased to say that I am highly impressed with this new camera. It really is GREAT! As mentioned previously, as good as the Lumix was I became frustrated with the lack of manual control and its dreadful Low light performance.

The Canon on paper seemed to answer my prayers, I have not been dissapointed. This really is one amazing little camera, it has also introduced me the world of Macro (Check out the samples below, it has quite a close focusing distance). I bought the older model as I didn’t feel the S95 had a lot extra to offer for the extra price premium. Looking for a new compact that has adequate low light performance, manual control and is a Canon G12 packed into a pocket friendly body? My advice is to buy one of these today! (I know it sounds like I’m working for Canon)

Hope you like my attempts at Macro/Close up photography..

leaves canon s90 macro beauty colour

Canon S90 Macro Bee colour

Canon S90 Macro Pink Flower rain drop

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