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Canon S95/S90: A RAW Talent of a Small Camera?

Canon compact camera S90 S95 perfection

After sifting through some images from my Panasonic LUMIX FS15 I noticed that despite the fact that it produces some really good photo’s at base ISO, the minute I it goes too ISO 800 in low light the noise becomes OBSCENE.

Anyway….long story short. I am now looking to replace my compact camera with a new one! The LUMIX has served me well (the first camera I bought), but since using a DSLR for a while now I have become accustomed to manual controls. My current compact is completely automatic and has no ability to change settings, I have began to find this limiting when composing photographs. As any keen photographer knows, the automatic exposure setting can only be relied upon in certain circumstances.

At the moment there is huge competition between all the manufacturers in the compact market, Panasonic have the fantastic LUMIX LX-5 and Olympus have just released the equally impressive XZ-1. The only BIG problem is  both of these cameras can not fit in to my pocket which means they have limited appeal. If I want to carry around a camera to do serious photography, then I take my Nikon D90 with me. Otherwise, I want a compact I can carry in my pocket that I can easily forget about and use when I see that ‘decisive moment’ I would otherwise miss if I had no camera at all.

The Canon S95 seems to fit all my requirements…. Small (Pocketable), Adequate High ISO performance and much of the same technology that the Canon G12 has in a much SMALLER package including the ability for manual control and RAW capabilities! Seems like Canon have answered my prayers this time round. Thanks, Canon.

That is quite a thing to say as a Nikon user!! Perhaps I need to pray that Nikon can make compacts as good as their DSLRS?

Samples from the Canon S90 at night by Ken Rockwell… Beautiful!

ISO 800

Canon S95 low light high ISO performance

ISO 1600

Canon S90 low light performance high ISO 1600

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