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Liisa Harmson: On creating Emotional Portraits (Interview)

This is my third (Yes! Third) post regarding Portrait Photographer Liisa Harmson, this time round it’s for a interview with the lady herself. Anyone wanting to know how to create beautiful natural light portraits/self portraits should take note as this is something Liisa has mastered on a consistent basis. Liisa uses photography to express emotions, which in my opinion is the main factor  that creates a powerful portrait in the first place… Read on and be inspired!

portrait, beautiful girl, photography, fashion, pretty

How did you get into photography?

I have always been a creative person – I sing, draw and write , so it’s no wonder that photography enchanted me. I got my first camera, when I was about 12-13 years old and since then my love for photography has only grown.

What inspires you to create the work you do?

There’s so much beauty in the world and capturing it is the most wonderful feeling. And not just capturing it, but giving it a feeling, your own viewpoint is enjoyable. People view reality differently  and photography is a great way to emphasise that.

BW, portrait, beautiful girl, photography, pretty

What is the most satisfying part of the photographic process for you?

The thing I love the most about photography is finding out people’s best features and unleashing their true potential in photographs. And when someone comes to me after the photoshoot and tells me that they didn’t have any idea that they could look that good in a photo, then it makes me feel so warm inside.

What do you aim to capture in your images, are there specific messages in your photography?

I want to capture emotions, the essence of a person. I hate empty pictures! Photography is a way to express myself. It’s really hard to explain… My camera is like my body part or something. So whatever I feel, I put this into my work.

portrait, beautiful girl, photography, fashion, pretty

Do you use any specific techniques in your work? (i.e. HDR, Long exposures)

I don’t use any specific tehniques like HDR (it seems so fake to me). I don’t edit my photos very much either. I love the beauty of naturalness & simplicity. All that I do is play around with exposure and BW. Though I must admit that Photoshop is lots of fun!

What are your future ambitions for your photography? Where do you want to go with your work?

Oh, I’ve got tons of plans! I want to travel to Third World and write a book based on what life is like there  and add photography to illustrate that. Then I’d like to work for a modeling agency or  magazine. Above all, I just want to live my dream. I feel like this is my destination in life and there’s absolutely nothing in the world that could distract me from pursuing my dream. I want to do what I love the most, I will be taking pictures of other people for the rest of my life.

portrait, beautiful girl, photography, fashion, pretty

Thank you Liisa for the interview, to see more of Liisa’s work visit

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