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The Future of Professional Photography: Bright or Doomed?

Will professional photography be relevant in ten years from now?? Will photography still be relevant at all in ten years from now?

According to some articles I have come across, Video is the greatest and latest thing to happen to DSLR cameras. ‘Video isn’t a still image and the still image won’t die’ you might say, but according to some pundits eventually computers will have such amazing processing power that the user will be able to take still images from video footage using high-tech software to do so. This seems like another revelation that could seriously shake the way we do photography in the future, perhaps making stills cameras a niche product?

Anyway, back to the original question. The Future of Professional Photography? Camps are completely split on this question, one half claims that quality still matters and the consumer will still pay to have a professional photographer provide them with images of a high calibre. The other half feels that digital cameras have made photography ‘too easy’ which has to led to the rise of the amateur who pretends to be a professional and will do shoots for free for the client, also clients are regularly plucking images they need from the internet from stock and for free from google images etc.

Both arguments have very valid points, but what is clear, is that the future of professional photography is in doubt. Afterall, who needs to pay a £500 fee for a professional photographer when they can go on google images, use their iPhone camera function or ask Bob down the road to do the photos for free on his shiny new Nikon entry-level DSLR???

My hope is that quality wins through, as I feel true photographic artists should be rewarded for the beautiful creations they share with the world! My main concern is the true artists will go, as you will no longer be able to earn money from photography.

Check out these interesting articles/links about the question posed-

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